About this Website

AMBA comprises almost all members of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office.

The purpose of the Association is to monitor issues of relevance for the judicial functions of the members of the boards of appeal, especially with a view to safeguarding their independence and promoting their self-government as members of a judiciary, and to gather its members for deliberations on questions of common interest, in order that they will be heard in bodies deciding or making proposals of relevance for these functions.

Article 1 of AMBA Statute

This website is designed to achieve those aims by:
Highlighting aspects of independence of the judiciary, and
Filling a gap in the information available about the Boards of Appeal.

See the most important events in the history of the Boards on the Timeline of Independence.

We welcome any error reports and suggestions for improvement at the webmaster´s address.

Latest News

AMBA's comments on Orientation Paper CA/98/15

In a position paper, the members of the Boards of Appeal set out why they think that they were not properly consulted before the publication of the orientation paper CA/98/15 on the structural reform of the BoA.

Additional Information on Office's Summary of Results of the User Survey

AMBA has provided the Administrative Council with additional information on the Office's summary of the results of the on-line user survey (CA/82/15).

AMBA´s User Survey Questionnaire

Please take part in our own user survey questionnaire, designed to explore your views on the structural aspects of the reform of the Boards of Appeal.

Timeline of independence - see the most important events in the history of the boards

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